"This is more than a Harbert story. This is a national story. We are a nation of immigrants."
U.S. Representative Fred Upton (Michigan's 6th Congressional District - 8/30/2009)


 Give him Liberty or set him Free!

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"My community put up an example of being a real American, and that small voice has now become so big that even the ones who do not listen, end up paying attention, and the small town thing has become a national thing... it has been a big surprise to DHS-INS."


Roger Ebert, Chicago, Illinois and Harbert, Michigan

W. Noel Brown (Rev.), Harbert Michigan

Adina Gearhart and family

Father Andrew Greeley

Richard Kochanny, Sawyer Michigan

David Ede, professor of comparative religion, Western Michigan University

Louis Price, Union Pier, Michigan

Sally and Al Birkelbach, Scottsdale, AZ. alnsal@earthlink.net


Suzette Steiger, Sawyer Michigan

Calin, Dana and Valer Pascanu

Thaddeus J. Kochanny, 26441 W. Vista Court, Ingleside, IL 60041 (847) 546-1240

Karla & Dr. Paul Madison and Lena and Jade, Gold's Gym Harbor Country, New Buffalo, MI

Steve and Ying

Matt W. Jordan, Aug. 9th, 2004

Adina and Chris Gearhart

Gunther W. and Barbara A. Jordan

Eve and Ed Noonan, Chicago,IL

Jack Kirkpatrick, Lakeside MI

Salvatore & Jennifer Gambino

Joseph Parish, Daytona Beach, FL, formerly of St. Joseph, MI

Nikole Hope

Timothy H. Markley, Elkhart, Indiana

Eileen Cropley, Director, Citadel Dance Center Scott Elliott, Candidate for U. S. Representative, Michigan’s 6th District

Georgia D. Leventis

Linda and Chuck Trinkler, Chesterton IN

Willis and Cheryl Shepherd from La Porte

Greg & Renee Gardner

Andy Ray

Roger Voegele, Owner of Harbert Antique Mall on Red Arrow Hwy, Harbert, MI

Joel and Barbara Rosenbaum, St. Joseph

Adam, Chicago

Dr. Gregory Hutter, Chicago

Dr. Daniel L. Frank, Minister, PCUSA, and Church of Scotland Middle East Field Coordinator Missionary Ventures International

Sarah Doyle, 8/12/04

Nicole Grajewski (Johnson), Urbana, IL

Lisa Wodrich

Connie F. Williams, Manager, Lakeside Inn & Gordon Beach Inn


Dr. Kenneth Smith

Devrim Husrevoglu

Tina Ullrich

Dianne C. Foster

Leah Cole

Jennifer Johnson, Columbia, South Carolina

Kay Hartmann

John Ormins

Julia Nine Anthonis

Adam Conley

Melissa Cook

Kregg Kiel

Bradley D. Laird

Patricia Maguire

Kristin Truse

Gerry Corbett, Scottish Socialist Party, Edinburgh

Susan Florian

Jim Toler

Julie Ludwig, South Haven MI 49090 269 637 1363

Kathryn Armstrong

Scott Bloom

Linas Johansonas

Bahar Razaghi

Michael Graff

John Irwin, Kalamazoo

Jeanette Bryson

James McGrew

Sharon and Don Gillespie

Natalie Star

Sarah Trucks

Kimberly A. Smith

Bridget C. Brown

Jill Underhill

The Ceddia Family, The Prairie Club

Alexis Ridenour

Helga Sinaiko

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves."
Abraham Lincoln