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Here you can read articles and news related to the Kurdish situation and Turkey.

Rumsfeld Finds Responsible for American Failure in Iraq: Turkey
The PKK terror camps in Northern Iraq and the US did nothing to remove these camps. As a matter of fact that the PKK militants says they were supported and encouraged by the Americans.

Rocky U.S.-Turkey Relations Persist Since Iraq War
The United States and its staunchest Muslim ally have been suffering from a cold snap in their relationship since the start of the war in Iraq, and analysts say it's too soon to tell if the election of a Kurd as president of Iraq will further strain U.S.-Turkey relations.

Former Rebel Returns as Elected President
Talabani's cooperation with terrorist organization Kurdish People's Party (PKK) against Mesud Barzani, the leader of the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) had caused rising tension in Turkey. Statements given by Talabani, an opponent of Turkey's sending troops during the Iraq War, caused fierce reactions in Turkey.

Talabani Sends Turkey Messages of Friendship
Turkey's relations with Talabani have followed a path of ups and downs. Talabani has cooperated with terrorist organization Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) but was also given a red passport, which is granted to statemen, during Turgut Ozal period.

Bullet-riddled body of child casts shadow over Turkey’s EU aspirations
With his small face, framed by the broad white Peter Pan collar worn by schoolchildren throughout Turkey, Ugur Kaymaz looks even younger than 12. His wide, dark eyes stare out of a black-and-white photograph, sellotaped to the windscreen of his father’s truck where the pair died in a hail of gunfire last November. The truck hasn’t moved since, parked by the roadside in Kiziltepe, a rundown town on the troubled road to Iraq and Syria.

From Lausanne to Brussels: Turkey as a European state, its treatment of Kurds
The tragedy of the killing of Ugur and his father would not have happened had the UN, US and the EU been more vigilant about Turkey’s obsessive disregard towards the Kurds.

Bush’s freedom crusade, Turkey’s position
Following his inaugural speech in which he reaffirmed his crusade for spreading freedom to countries to every dark corner in the globe that is still ruled by tyranny, President Bush might be spoiled for choice as where to begin implementing this long over due mission.

Erdogan under strain amid defections
ANKARA: Some say his government is suffering from reform fatigue, others claim it is falling prey to the vices of power. Whatever the diagnosis, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is going through a rough patch in his career, at war with the media and his party hit by defections. What Turks have mostly seen in their prime minister recently is a fretful and ill-tempered man, lashing out virtually at anybody who criticizes government policies.

Turkey-Syria Cover Operations in Kurdistan
In February 2005, an unerringly figure beyond 1500 special commandoes and under cover agents were deployed in North of Iraq for odd designated operations by Turkey. The key objective of these units were : to distribute loads of imported arms and hardware from Iraqi-Syrian boarder to Turkoman; provide logistic and financial support to the remnants of Baath and foreign Islamizes to destabilize the region; promote pro-Turkey media hype elements as well as terror and crackdown on Kurdish political activists.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry’s ExtraneousStatement
On late Sunday on 13 February Turkey’s Foreign Ministry working over time and outside social hours made a statement which will be remembered for generation to come as an extraneous benchmark of the most farcical reaction to Iraq’s first democratic elections in its history.
In it the ministry said: "Results of Iraqi elections failed to ensure fair representation of all ethnic groups".

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves."
Abraham Lincoln